Do your best work

Supercharge your focus. Restore clarity. Build momentum.

Master modern-day productivity

Thrive in today's distracting, fast-moving, connected world.

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Restore Clarity

by organizing everything you have to do, in one place, that also syncs with apps like Todoist.

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Supercharge your Focus

by scheduling your priorities - also known as time blocking, which instantly sync with your Google Calendar.

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Build Momentum

by making realistic plans for your day and tracking your progress. Share #lists with your mates to tackle challenges together.

Available on Mobile, Desktop and Messenger.
We take your privacy seriously.

Clear some head space

Feeling overwhemled or directionless?
Remembering everything you have to do is not a game you were designed to win. Your Tasks belong in lists, where you can organize, prioritize and set goals, to regain control of your life.

David Allen - "Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them"

Prime your mind for action

Getting distracted costs you time, energy and money.
Time blocking focuses your mind on each task, for a set amount of time, thus completing the task with better results, in less time and fewer distractions.

Anthony Robbins - "If you talk about it, it’s a dream, if you envision it, it’s possible, but if you schedule it, it’s real."

Be mindful of your time

How we invest our time influences the direction of our lives.
Trevor's purpose is to help you grow. The little things we do each day have a big impact on our lives. Gain powerful insights on how you spend your most valuable resource.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less - "It's not about how to get more things done,
it’s about how to get the right things done."

Stay on top of your day

Live is dynamic. Quickly adapt to changes anytime, on any mobile or desktop device, via a single app -

The Laws of Simplicity - "Organization makes a system of many appear fewer."

Say hello to Trevor

Reduce countless scheduling decisions, to just 2.
Name a task and Trevor will automagically suggest the best 2 available times, based on your schedule and preferences. Say "hello", in Messenger.

The Organized Mind - "The most fundamental principle of the organized to shift the burden of organizing from our brains to the external world."

For the self-organized

Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, Doers & Achievers

Trevor is fantastic! I have been looking for this type of calendar-task scheduling tool for a long time. Now it is here!

- Colin Liu

This app is great for helping me with prioritizing my day and scheduling my most important tasks on my calendar so that I make sure they get done.

- Anthony Gauna

First impressions: Clear UI, simple to understand, drag & drop todo to calendar is a great feature. I can already see it helping me make better progress towards completing my tasks/goals.

- Patrick Buchholz

Currently I schedule my tasks by creating events in my calender everyday, exactly what you automate. I do it to get a better feeling of what I'm spending my time on and to get in as many productive hours as possible, which can be hard without a fixed schedule.

- Maximilian Pohlman